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Health and Wisdom Magnesium

Supplying the world since 2000! Celebrating 20 years!

There is nothing new or revolutionary about soaking in Magnesium rich waters - your ancestors have done it for thousands of years!

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Provident Living

Everyone should look to the future with hope and not despair. Our intent is to build this section to include helpful information in all areas of your life to do just that. Because everyone is different, circumstances are different, and location is different this will not be a one size fits all section but will give you general resources and information. A few modifications and you are set! As we add to this page we certainly welcome any input from you! Please contact us with recommendations for QUALITY sites and products related to Provident Living.

Career Development

Job Interest Survey from Clemson University – This is a very interesting survey that shows where your interests really lie. Many people I know used this as a guide to change their careers and were much happier doing something they actually loved doing! A career is not the same as a job.

Looking for work is a full time job. We realize there are many in the country who have been unable to find consistent work and many will do anything to feed their family. Remember, people will pay for things they do not want to do themselves. Be creative. If you are currently employed, continue to improve your skills and explore new skills. Bartering is an old system that can still work today!


Be sure to update clothing in your emergency storage and 72 hour kits. One woman reported finally going through her children's 72 hour kits only to discover size 4 underwear in her now size 12 boy's pack! Also, change clothes based on the season. Reviewing the contents twice a year will keep the sizes and seasonal issues in check.


Natural – Regardless if the storm that impacts you is tornado, hail, tsunami, hurricane, earth quake, or anything else, you can be prepared by being informed. Learn about the storms that are typical in your area then learn about those that could happen. I seriously doubt Missouri will see a tsunami however flooding after an earthquake and tsunami as happens around the world has the same impact to nuclear reactors as heavy rains and high rivers in Missouri. Additionally, after the tsunami hit Japan in 2011 predictions were made if an earthquake occurred on the coast of Africa the resulting tsunami could indeed flood Boston. I do not want to be an alarmist but I do want to wake you up and be informed. The United States has so many nuclear reactors that were built years ago and they have not been replaced but allowed to deteriorate. Further after the earthquake in Japan the tolerance levels were raised in the US – not because radiation is any safer but the levels in the US were too high and panic would ensue. Be sure you have Potassium Iodide in your emergency packs!

Emergency escape plan - whether the emergency is due to a storm, fire, or some other event, make sure you have and practice the emergency escape route for your home or business. It is one thing to know you have the emergency ladder from the 2nd story window - quite another to be able to shinny down this in the middle of the night in your pajamas! (Always keep a pair of sturdy shoes near the bed - just in case you need them.) Make certain everyone in your household knows where to meet in the event you get separated. Cell phones may not work – have a plan!


At the time of an emergency, regardless of the source, having important telephone numbers and documents readily accessible is huge. Here are lists of some of the numbers and documents you may want to gather and store in a safe place. Some of the important numbers and documents you will want in your 72 hour kit. Along with these it is a good idea to have specific directions with mileage to your home from a central place – say the county courthouse or intersection. Bear in mind, the familiar items today may not be there after a tornado or earthquake. Also, have your children and babysitters know where these directions are and practice giving these directions on the phone as they may be the only one who can call for help.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Important Papers and Documents

Education & Literacy

It is never too late to learn! In fact people who are actively learning and stimulating their brain have fewer problems with memory loss later in life. Expanding your mind may also be the very thing you need to support your family. As the world changes, we need to adapt with new or improved skills and knowledge.

Emergency Preparedness & Survival

72 hour kits – People who have individual 72 hour kits handle crisis situations better. Be sure to keep these rotated and up to date for seasonal clothing (the correct size please), any stored food, important documents, hand cranked cell phone chargers, etc.

Shelter – Having portable shelter and knowing how to use it before the emergency will make your life much easier.

Navigation – Be sure you have, and can use correctly, a good compass. Taking classes in orientation are vital in the event you are lost. Another thing to remember, your neighborhood may look very different after a disaster but the compass directions will stay the same!

Sanitation – Thinking you will use a hole in the ground is great…just exactly how are you going to dig this? With your hands? Pack a folding shovel!

Financial & Resource Management

Preparing for the future – Saving with every paycheck works. Having the money withheld before you get the check is an option that is effective for many as they never see the money. The future may be you a college fund, vacation, or appliance repair! One thing is sure, if you do not plan and save, you likely will not have the money when you need it most. Many save 10% of the gross check. Give it a try! All you have to lose is paying interest if you charge your expense on your credit card – and that really adds up quickly.


You really do not need to go into debt to bury a loved one!! After all, what is the price of love...really?? Personally, I am opting for the cardboard coffin - only because the freezer box is too bulky!!

FAQ about Monuments. This gives you an idea of what to ask your local funeral home!
Funeral Consumers Alliance - great info on the links within the site!
"Understanding the Tricks of the Funeral Trade"
"How to read a funeral home price list"
"Ten Tips" for saving money!
Funeral Consumers Alliance Here is a great link for PDF documents from the FCA!

First Aid

72 hour kits – Every member of your family needs their own 72 hour kit. Be sure to include items suitable for the age for entertainment such as puzzle books, yo-yo, etc. If these are needed, you will be glad you provided something for them to do while waiting to return home.

First aid kits – These need to be customized to suit your needs and the needs of your family. Recently I purchased OSHA approved commercial first aid kits for my office. Good thing I checked these as they contained several rolls of gauze (the perfect thing for wrapping injured appendages) but they did not include any tape. Brilliant!


  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual


  • Gardening
  • Sprouting
  • Herbs
  • Harvesting and Storage - Freezing, Canning, Dehydrating
  • Water
  • Rotate, rotate, rotate

Social, Emotional & Spiritual Strength

Life in general and emergencies specifically will put a strain on relationships and our own sanity! Having a plan that works is the key to protecting ourselves, our family, those around us, without losing our mind. Having a healthy social network (emphasis on healthy) makes life easier and, hopefully, gives us an avenue to laugh! Laughter is one of the healthiest things we can to for ourselves. Meditation helps clear the mind and if we walk barefoot in the grass everyday it discharges static electricity making room for healing universal energies.